Saturday, June 28, 2014

I wanted to take a picture, I truly did.  But one gets a bit startled when one encounters somebody in a full rabbit suit miles into a forest hike and on the opposite side of a swift moving river.

I know, you're mentally trying to explain it to me already.  "Oh, he must just have it to keep warm."  Sure, semi-reasonable except that this was a hot summer day.  "It was just a little kid."  No, it was a full sized adult.

Jeanne and I were hiking in Central Oregon near Paulina Lake; one of two lakes that form twin craters near Bend, OR.  It is a place of beauty with a plethora of hiking trails, waterfalls and viewpoints.

Now I've encountered unusual things while hiking before.  The thoroughbred that was in full run down a rocky desert trail with nobody around.  The strange industrial chemical container that looked like a meth ingredient.  But this was a first.  It's not everyday you encounter somebody in a full furry rabbit suit walking along the forest.  Are we sure there aren't cameras rolling just outside our view?  

Jeanne thought I should snap a photo and I wish I had but I was just too befuddled and the opportunity passed as we got out of there quick.

Still, when not witnessing the bizarre, this area is wonderful for outdoor activities.

One of the waterfalls along the trail

Us...minus our rabbit suits...

I always enjoy a trail that follows very close to a river or stream.  Not just because it's beautiful but it usually means I don't have to hike straight up some mountain either

Nice views looking down on the lake

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