Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chased by llamas, falcons, running into bears, going through super typhoons and class 5 hurricanes.  Just who writes this ridiculousness?

I realized I really didn't have anything in the way of an "about" page.  I don't have any extra tabs on my blog.  I'm not selling anything.  I'm not spewing out a lot of unsolicited advice.  I don't have ads here.  I just have travel stories and humor.  Simple as that.

Still, when somebody is reading about my stories, they might want to know just a little bit more about me.  Do I seek out trouble?  Am I stupid?  Do I go where no man has gone before? My five decade mission is to....oh wait, I've been watching too much Star Trek.  Never mind.

A remote island off the Northeast side of Australia
Back to me.  I'm not a full time world traveler.  I have a job at Nike.  I have a base city in Portland, OR.  But I'm not some travel newbie either.  I've done millions of miles for both pleasure and business (and both).  I've been on all the populated continents.  I've been to over 50 countries.  I've done the Eurail Europe backpack deal before.  I've done the Asia experience before.  I've taken the cheesy tourist photos.  I've done the cheesy tours and excursions.  I've been on those cruise ships around the Caribbean.  I've also been to places few go.  Siberia, Adak, Angel Falls, Venezuela.  Been there, done that.

Cycling deep in the heart of Tanzania
Of course, like my blog title, that doesn't mean I'm not obsessed about where to go next.  I'm as passionate about travel as the next travel blogger out here.  They do it their way, I do it mine.  I'm fine with that.  

So my traveling goes back to 1980 which means I have over 30 years of accumulated stories and experiences.  For whatever reason, things just seemed to happen to me along the way.  I plan a trip to Cancun and hurricane Gilbert came through while I was there.  I take a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and the gangs take over the city and fight with the police while I am there.  I do a work trip in Taiwan and Super Typhoon Zeb blows through.  I go to California and there's an Earthquake.  I fly back from South America, the plane engine catches on fire over the Amazon.  My car engine blows and strands me in the middle of the Mojave desert.  The list goes on...

Relaxing after some Paddle Ball on the Oregon Coast
When I am not experiencing something bizarre, I have based out of Portland, OR where I grew up.  That is changing though.  I have dreamed out moving out of the USA and have been looking around for years and finally found what I had been seeking on the Southern Coast of Spain in Almunecar.  It will be a good base from which to visit even more places and a chance to just enjoy things and not have to work again.  Ever.  I hope.

In a tight place in Aruba
My wife Jeanne is my lucky charm though.  Crazy things don't happen when we travel; usually.  Okay, so she was actually on the ship my son and I were exploring the front of our cruise ship in the Caribbean and the winds were so strong they closed off that area but didn't bother to check to see if anyone was still out there so we got locked outside in the wind.  It took quite awhile to get somebody to see us trying to open the doors which were locked closed.  These things happen.  I think...

Mossman Gorge, Australia.
So, enjoy the stories and don't worry, I've got no hidden agendas or motivations other than to tell them and have some fun with this crazy world of travel.  - Ed


  1. Great adventures and I'm glad I found your blog. Let's keep in touch and carry on blogging! Greetings from Amsterdam!

  2. Agness - Agreed! I will keep up with your travels. I'm jealous you are in Amsterdam. I love that city. Haven't been there in a few years now but I've been there several times.