Sunday, August 17, 2014

All I could think of was "don't try this at home" as I stumbled upon this sign recently.  Okay, sure, bicyclists should avoid railroad tracks because if the wheels get caught in between you will most likely do exactly as this sign.

I should know.  I did that years ago racing my girlfriend in an industrial area.  We both ended up on the deck.  She with several stitches above her eye.  Me with a bunch of nasty road rash that I had to clean myself because I didn't have insurance and couldn't afford the medical cost at the time.

You see, when you have bits of road embedded into what was your skin but is now your flesh, you actually do have to get it out and that requires a wire scrubber brush.  Fortunately I had one of these.  Unfortunately, they don't feel as easy as a toothbrush against raw flesh.  The first pass at scrubbing yourself with one is painful but doable.  It's the second pass when you KNOW what it's going to feel like that is daunting.  Let's put that day down at the bottom end of "fun days" for me.  It wouldn't be my first or last time dealing with road rash.  The last time came in Brazil with inline skates but that is another post.

But this post isn't about my unfortunate losses of skin.  This is about all those strange signs we see on the way somewhere.  Sure, there are probably dozens to highlight.  I'll just share a few that I happened to come across.

Sometimes it isn't even along a's a classic trail sign.  Hmm...difficult or MORE difficult

Gluten Free, Vegan, Grass Fed...yep...must be in Portland, OR
This might actually keep the family from arguing.  I do notice that they seem to think it takes women 6 hours to do what the men have 3 hours to do.

Were these put up by the auto repair business down the road?

Language translations...close doesn't always do it...

Apparently nothing is a secret anymore...

They've named this right.  With no services, what else CAN you do.

Ok, so if this is an evacuation area, why is the guy running towards the water?
Honestly...there isn't a lot of room between these two signs
This is why we have GPS mapping now


  1. These are great! My wife used to have a section on her blog called the "Engrish Edition" showcasing humorous signs from around the world.

  2. samuel - It's true...signs are one of the funniest things we see along the road...